Sales, Networks, Connections

As a coach what set Kirsty apart is that she has been a salesperson at the highest level. She understands what it takes to succeed. As a mentor Kirsty shares the lessons she has learned over the last 15 years and as a coach she helps break the sales game down into simple steps.

Her area of expertise is as a business relationship expert. One of her core focuses as a coach is to assist you to increase, your sales, networks and connections for life & business success.

She works with you and your team to provide structure, discipline and accountability, mapping out a clear path and direction to take your business to the next level and achieve your goals. She is passionate about teaching the solo entrepreneur to work as if they own it and that they are in effect running a business within a business.

Working with Kirsty you will gain insight into:

  • how to identify any blockages or mindset barriers
  • clear concise strategies to grow your business immediately
  • clarifying how to leverage your business
  • how to identify your business weak links

You will also achieve:

  • a plan with clear strategies in place to go further faster over the next 90 days
  • tangible, measurable results in your business and life.

Download: Coaching pre-session questionnaire

Client recommendation;

Refreshingly, after years of being hammered by coaches about stale, outdated ideas on motivation, selling and marketing techniques, here was a lady who was speaking about her very different approach to success. Prior to deciding to approach Kirsty to be my coach, I had seriously considered several different coaching options, which, despite great track records, the coaches did not feel right or genuine. I sensed their approach to be purely dollar driven and a carbon copy for each client. Kirsty on the other hand, has a very unique and individual approach. Her genuiness, sensitivity and questioning to tailor the sessions to my individual needs, gave me the confidence to be completely honest, open and even vulnerable about the challenges I wanted to address.

Kirsty is also big on action, I have received such incredible support from her in between sessions with emails, texts and also phonecalls where required. She is certainly committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to ensure her clients are committed and on track with their goals.

I can truly say that in the short time I have worked with Kirsty I have certainly identified many obstacles which have been holding me back and through her support, guidance and encouragement, have had the courage to face these and look at ways I can change my thoughts, beliefs and approach.

If you are truly prepared to listen to Kirsty's wisdom, look honestly at having the courage to make changes, which can be tough, and take action, Kirsty will help you achieve success.

Christine Rudolph - RE/MAX 

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