If you are reading this with the view of enhancing your event with the presence of Kirsty Spraggon then lock her in now and ask questions later. Seriously, do it!

Rarely have we seen a speaker who is so engaging, charming, relatable and humorous all at the same time. Our 450 strong leadership group were enthralled and engrossed in Kirsty’s practical yet groundbreaking ideas on relation-shipping and networking. Kirsty lit up the room with her enthusiasm and connected instantly to our team. Kirsty has reignited the flame in many people and as a result has inspired people to new levels of activity with renewed confidence.
Rick Arnold, Neways International

You know when someone’s passionate about what they do when the energy level is high, the content is relevant, the audience is engaged and the learning is happening. That’s exactly what you get with Kirsty! The best thing is that people make a commitment to make a change- that’s what we were looking for and that’s what we got.
Peter Camphin, Ray White Real Estate

Your enthusiasm and energy was infectious and the day sped by. Be there, care and share is a fundamental necessity to anybody in a sales role and you demonstrated this throughout your presentation all day.
Chris & Karen Walsh, Open2View

There is so much I could say but that would be like writing a book. Thank you so much for being a part of our special event. Your research and knowledge of our business made all the difference. Your high level of enthusiasm was contagious and we love your book !
Linda Konestabo, Nutrimetics

My experience from the initial booking, briefing, delivery & after service was professional and stress free. Kirsty took the time in the briefing to understand the market she was delivering to and what we wanted from her presentation.

Her delivery was very natural, relatable, energetic, and vibrant and included lot’s of take home practical content. I would highly recommend Kirsty for any keynote speaking engagement or workshop.”
Sandra Larkin, Real Estate Institute of Queensland

Kirsty is a passionate speaker and her use of real world experiences was really engaging. She took the time to understand our audience and ensured that her content was relevant.
Megan Simpson, Red Balloon

Not only did we have a blast but I feel I learnt so much more and gained the confidence I now need to get in there and close that deal!
Simone Azzi, Belle Property

Kirsty’s passion and enthusiasm translated into a high energy, practical presentation that motivated many of our members to rethink their approach to finding and retaining customers.
Ray Hair, Plan Australia

Your content was exceptional and you were very engaging as a speaker. Your talk was fresh, interesting and full of great practical tips that we can use this minute.
Mat Steiwede, Mc Grath

"Why would you book Kirsty to speak? Because she is a superstar in selling - really!"

Craig Rispin, CSP Business Futurist & Innovation Expert

Kirsty is a breath of fresh air to the Professional Development scene. Her presentations are clear, informative and filled with action-oriented advice clearly tailored to her audience. Her suggestions are 'real', practical, and delivered warmly with her trademark good humor. You couldn't possibly walk away from Kirsty's presentation without feeling uplifted by her candor and understanding of human nature. With her candid advice and infectious enthusiasm ringing in my ears, I am primed and ready for action!
Katrina Willis, AIOP NSW

"Kirsty did a fantastic presentation and it was a tremendous success. There was a really positive enthusiastic feel to the whole event. I believe it went a long way to enhancing the synergy with the RE/MAX group in South Australia. The important thing was that Kirsty followed a brief and delivered what was really relevant to where our people were at, at that moment"
Michael Gordon - RE/MAX Operations Director

"Kirsty's charm, wit and presentation skills are a fabulous and entertaining mix that makes her presentation so worthwhile. She has a knack of getting the audience to think, inspire them to reflect and provide some useful, hands on tips in how to retain customers, win new business and how to create a successful network. Highly recommended."
Whollistic Business Network

"Every now and again you meet someone who leaves a lasting impression - Kirsty is one of those people. Apart from being professional, successful and motivated, Kirsty has the wonderful trait of being interested in other people and helping them succeed. And most importantly, Kirsty keeps it real."
Fiona Hutchinson, Revive Design Solutions

"Kirsty knows people, she has a care factor that is built on an absolute certainty about the idea that people matter. In business I can think of no more important idea than that that"
Matt Church creator of Thought Leaders
One of Australia's top 10 Speakers.

"Kirsty speaks from real experience, not lip service. Kirsty has been there, done it herself and passes on the enthusiasm. Kirsty gets to the heart of why and how you can engage yourself into mapping out what action to take and then doing it! The angle that's missing from everyone else."
Alan Sarkissian - Audience of One Marketing

"Sensational, smart and savvy - Kirsty shares her success strategies with enormous impact and energy"
Dr Helena Popovic

"The day with Kirsty was an adventure both personally and professionally, she had the staff motivated and excited about their goals and ambitions. Working with children can burn you out very easily but when your reminded of how important your role is you become to realise that you truly love what you do. Kirsty is fantastic, she provided a day filled with activities to motivate staff, team build, and even learn about yourself. A day to remember."
Kim Elhayek, Woy Woy Childcare Director

"Gracious and humble her energy magically transforms your state"
Sarah McIntrye - Energetic Living

"Thank you so much for this morning, someone once said 'you can't motivate others, we can only motivate ourselves'. We can however, inspire others and you certainly do just that. I love your style, it's not surprising you were so successful in real estate. Your passion is evident and you walk the talk, living your teachings."
Ross Lambert JP, Solutions Property and Finance Group

Kirsty is the greatest example of an individual who follows through with their ideas until they reach their ultimate goal.....I could have listened to her for hours as she is such a bright, funny and intelligent young lady who can touch people's hearts and "press the right buttons" with her expressive nature.
Amaryll Werjutina, Realmark

I came away from your presentation this morning invigorated, and keen to put your advice into action. I have already asked one of the other NorthShore members if he is available for coffee next week. In essence it was personable and invigorating – it gave the listener so much more than could have been gleaned from a book. In general I am relatively cautious about purchasing training and similar because I feel a strong need to know that I will get something from the session that I could not get by reading. You most certainly delivered that.
Gill Walker Principal CRM Business Consultant - Opsis

"Kirsty not only presents her story clearly, she makes you feel a whole lot better for attending yet 'another meeting/seminar'. I feel uplifted and ready to act on her suggestions and look forward to hearing her speak again and again."
Yvonne Parkinson, Absolute Color Printing

"Keeping it real! Kirsty understands what I am going through in small business. She has provided me with new scope on running a more professional outfit".
Yvonne Sitko - WA Birds of Prey Centre

"you can't help but be carried along by her wonderful enthusiasm and positive outlook on life"
Hugh Gyton - Just a conversation

"Kirsty is totally committed to everything she does and her passion and commitment show through, she has much to share."
Allan McLean - Mint Settlements

"Kirsty has the fantastic ability to take a pragmatic look at my business and cut to the chase in what I need to do to maximise my business growth. She is an exceptionally inspiring and motivating coach!"
Jan Purser - Director Food, Body & Health

"Kirsty was very 'REAL' and such a pleasure to listen to. You really can see the sincerity in her message, she has no falseness about her or barriers. The ladies in the room really warmed to her and the feedback has been wonderful. She is fresh, real, down to earth and inspirational all in the one package !! She is certainly a true example of living your dream."
Jennifer Wright Realmark
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