Create An Experience That Your Clients Will Remember

Create An Experience That Your Clients Will Remember
I have been a big fan of Red Balloon for many years because when they provide a gift it is about creating an experience. In my book, I wrote about the importance of sharing experiences, below is an excerpt;
Once a year I would do something special for my V.I.P clients. Some of the unique personalised experiences I have shared with them over the years include: taking one of my clients out for a day’s V8 driving and exploring the wine region by luxury limo with another client who was passionate about wine.  I chose each activity thoughtfully to suit each individual’s interests and personality and created an experience that was memorable for each and far exceeded their expectations – which is a wonderful thing to accomplish.
Check out the amazing experiences Red Balloon provides to help plan a special day you can share with one of your clients. To recognise and thank them for their ongoing support.
 Top Tips For Great Gift Giving
·make it personalised to show you care
·make them feel special by showing you understand their likes and dislikes
·deliver the gift in person where possible
·make it representative of you and your brand
·include your business cards / company branding in the wrapping paper
·where possible make the gift an experience you share with your client, something to be remembered and talked about!