Getting Past First Base...

Getting Past First Base...
It’s all well and good to meet potential clients but it’s not enough to open up a relationship, the kind that we all want that leads to word of mouth repeat, referral business and lifetime loyalty: you need to get to second base. The ‘catch up’.  Imagine how many mates you would have if you never actually took the time to catch up with them – not many.  You  probably wouldn’t know very much about their likes and dislikes, where they hang out or how they like to spend their time.
It is imperative that just like personal relationships you take the time to connect and get to know your clients if you want a lifetime relationship. So that’s the focus of the article below;
Find The Part Of You That Is Like Them...
For me taking the time to care and get to know people is about really connecting. It’s where rapport, empathy and our emotional intelligence really comes into play.
One way of building rapport and connecting quickly is by finding those small things that you have in common with someone. I am sure most of you have heard of the technique called ‘matching and mirroring’ which is often used in sales training. For those of you that haven’t it’s where you match and mirror things such as a clients body language, breathing and interests in order to build rapport.
The principles great but it can be difficult to carry out in a real life situation.
For example it isn't easy to carry on a conversation with someone when we are analysing them and trying to match their behavior.
Let me share with you my twist on this technique. Now we all have parts of ourselves that are like others, different parts to our personalities and rather than trying to be like them by copying them, find the part of you that is like them.
I’m sure you can relate, when your with your partner you are different than when you are with your mates, or with a colleague. I know that some of the sides to my personality are...when I am with older clients I have a few in their 70’s and with them I become what I have called the ‘The Granddaughter’. When I was in real estate and meeting with my building clients their was the ‘Ocker Aussie’ who would put on work boots on the building site....or when I am with someone who is having some problems the ‘counsellor Kirsty’ comes out...or when I am with someone more analytical and serious the ‘philosophical’ side of me may come out...
Now I am still being the real me in each of these situations... As I have always loved hanging out with my Grand dad and I grew up in the bush so have a little Ocker Aussie in me. These are all parts of who I am.
There will always be common ground with someone else and you must find that piece or part of you that is like them and bring it out.
If you really want to open relationships with clients for life, then find those ways to connect and show you care and book a couple of ‘catch ups’ this week.