Interview with Morton & Morton 'Tough Conversations'

Interview with Morton & Morton 'Tough Conversations'
This month I have the pleasure of bringing you an amazing interview recording with a company that knows what #furk is all about as they were ranked by the BRW as one of the Top 50 places to work.
One of my favorite parts to the interview was when we discussed how important ‘tough conversations’ are.
I am sure everyone can relate to how difficult it can be to have tough conversations. Whether it is with a partner, a family member, a colleague or a client. We can often shy away from having to have uncomfortable conversations. This past year I have had to have some really tough conversations with family, friends & clients. I am so grateful that I had the courage to be vulnerable with them, in my experience when you are willing to have these conversations they deepen a relationship and take it to another level of connection. When we are open and honest enough to share how we are feeling it can clear the air and build trust in a way that few things can.

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to listen to my interview or download it to your ipod. This month’s interview is with Director Ewan Morton from Morton & Morton real estate in Sydney. Recently ranked in the Top 50 places to work by the BRW list. I wanted to find out what it takes to make such a list.
Some of the key lessons I took away from speaking with Ewan were;
1. You have no idea how your staff members are representing you in the market place unless you spend some time with them in the field. Not only did he learn what they needed to change, he realised he had forgotten what it felt like to be them out in the field.
2. Be open with your staff about what is going on ‘the good & the bad’ so you can come together. ‘I don’t have all the answers, sometimes the answer comes from the team’.
3. The ‘boarding school principle‘ you end up at school with people you don’t have any choice about being with and at times you hate each other’s guts... but at the end of it all you come out very close, you know each other very well know each other’s worst bits and you come out much stronger’ and I apply this principle to my team ‘when things get tough with a team member if you are willing to stand beside them and help them, it builds a strong connection between you and them and it builds loyalty’.
‘What makes having hard conversations easier is that the other person knows I am not going to say anything to them that will hurt them’.

Top tips for having tough conversations
1. Be open to a varying point of view
2. Let go of your ego, you cannot go in being judgmental
3. Have empathy and try to put yourself in their shoes
4. Don’t take it personally or as criticism
5. Be open to learning, see it as opportunity to grow
6. Come from a place where you are genuinely interested in their well being
7.  Stay calm