The Missing Ingredient

The Missing Ingredient
Just meeting people is not enough to open a relationship: you need to catch up and follow up with them as well.  Imagine how many mates you would have if you never actually took the time to catch up with them... Also you probably wouldn’t know very much about them; their likes and dislikes, where they hang out or how they like to spend their time.

Make sure if you are going to spend time networking that you follow up by organising a coffee meeting to get to know them better and then stay in touch. That is the missing ingredient for most people. Staying in touch.

I can’t emphasise strongly enough how crucial it is. During the course of my career I have encountered countless sales people who lay all the groundwork, spending valuable hours meeting people and then they drop the ball and all their work goes to waste.

December is a great time to follow people up. Send a personalised Christmas card or invite a client to attend an event with you. Something magical happens when we spend time together outside of the boardroom, genuinely connecting and getting to know people.
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