Networking - Chicago Style with Business Networking international

Networking - Chicago Style with Business Networking international

We’ll you know me a city tour wouldn't be complete without my attending a networking event and BNI is one of my favorite organisation's to stop in at. With over 100,000 members worldwide there is always a meeting on no matter where you are in the world(  The bonus with attending any American breakfast meeting is that you don't need to eat for the rest of the day as my breakfast arrived on 3 plates.

With the changes in the economy in the US it has been an interesting time for me to be traveling in the States.

One of the things that I have noticed is how important networking is particularly in tough times. When your colleagues are hurting as are you this is when you need each other the most, for business and personal support. The givers gain philosophy of BNI is what you need to focus on. Help others in need and the Law of Reciprocity will take care of you and your needs.  Strategic alliances will become more important than ever. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers, financial planners and insurance agents need to work together and help each other. Now is not the time to cut back and withdraw from networking. It is the time to work closer together and help each other. So care, share and be there.

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