Customer Service - Do You Know Who I Am

Customer Service - Do You Know Who I Am
I was out with friends this week for dinner and we were discussing how no one seems to know who we are anymore, reminiscing over the days when we didn’t have to line up at a club or restaurant we were “in” so what happened..... For one, we got older and are not so “in” and secondly people stopped caring who we were. It seemed customer service had hit an all time low as we sat there and each ate our meal separately as they were served about 10 minutes apart over a 45 minute period and no-one seemed to care! I’m finding lately there is an epidemic of these kinds of customer service experiences. It makes me wonder if the business owners are aware of what’s going on.
As a business owner are you ? Do you know how your customers are being treated, do you train your staff on how to handle customer complaints or just assume they would never argue with the customer and make them pay full price for a less than satisfactory experience.

It astounds me that I am encountering these types of customer service experiences on a daily basis. From the receptionists that grunt at you without making eye contact to the on hold services that hang up on you!  Take the time to train your staff and talk with them about how you expect them to serve and most importantly lead by example. If you are not always ‘in” your business to know whats happening take the time survey your customers and ask their opinion.

What’s important here is for small business owners to understand that a customer has a lifetime value and is not a once off transaction. Unless you treat them like one. So what’s the value of a life time customer in your business. You can work it out by calculating:

One off sale     x    how often they would need your product or service per year on average x     average client life possibly 10-30 years.

Perhaps sometimes we need to give a free meal to apologise for our poor customer service experience or discount a job or pay for a repair. Its certainly worth it when you look at there lifetime value.
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