Prospecting and how to find more prospects...

Prospecting and how to find more prospects...

If the start of your year is feeling a bit slow my recommendation is to get networking. A couple of weeks ago I attended my first networking breakfast for the year.
I was once again reminded that opportunities really are everywhere we just need to get out amongst them. We must do 4 things -

1. Create opportunities
2. Have a radar on when opportunities present
3. Grab the opportunities and take them up.
4. Following up the opportunities (do what others feel uncomfortable doing)

Let me use the analogue of dating to explain this further. Lets imagine your single and looking for a date (for some of you this wont be so hard to imagine). So your looking for a date. Now if you sit at home alone what do you think your chances of finding one will be? Not very high. However if you follow step 1. and Create Opportunities by using online or offline network groups you would substantially increase your chances of meeting a potential prospect. Now for step 2. Have Your Radar on, if you are oblivious to the attention of a particular prospect then you may not even see the opportunity, if you sit in a corner like a wall flower you wont meet anyone either. Step 3. Grab the Opportunity, now clearly you should NOT under any circumstances physically grab the prospect. Instead perhaps start out by getting there contact number and arranging a time to catch up. Lastly step 4. Follow Up The Opportunity, you need to give them a call and confirm the date and voila you have hooked yourself a prospect or a date whichever you need most right now. Just putting yourself out there in the right situations will open up opportunities. As Woody Allen famously said 80% of success is just showing up. Happy dating errr prospecting.


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