Have You Been Affected By The Shift ?

Have You Been Affected By The Shift ?
It seems every one I speak with has been affected in some way big or small. Everyone from the newbies to the seasoned veterans. No one, it seems, is getting as much business as they were last year. Across the board, no matter what industry people are in, this is the case. In Eckhart Tolle's book "The New Earth" he says: "When faced with a radical crisis, when the old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with the realm of nature doesn't work any more...... will either die or become extinct or rise above" So if the old ways are no longer working, what must we do to find our new way? I believe it starts with accepting that there has been a shift and an acceptance that the old ways are no longer working. Have you let go of the old ways or are you still resisting, hoping that things will stay the same way?

In his latest book Shift Gary Keller says "Are you facing a shift? When a shift occurs confusion follows. Not only in the marketplace but also in the mind and body. What to think and what to do becomes fuzzy because what once worked is no longer working and you may not know why.... In truth, there are two shifts you must make. A mental shift and an action shift". If confusion follows, how many people are still wandering around dazed and stunned?  We need to shift and we need to shift fast. We must adapt to change and we need an environment that supports this. 
We need to draw strength from our communities. Make sure we have strong support networks around us. Let go of ego, shame or embarrassment and open up and ask for help. Lean on each other and be supported. If your a business owner then you need to ensure you are providing this support  for your team, through your culture and through coaching and mentoring.
What I know is that in tough times we need new qualities, talents and skills to survive. In this new market the question we need to be asking ourselves is: What new qualities, skills or tools do I need to birth to survive these times? You may have gotten away with not having to do 9 months of cold calling and relationship building in the previous market. You may not have needed to meet enough people, or to network, or to nurture long term relationships after the sale ... in a lot of cases, business was walking in the door in spite of ourselves.

Yes, it takes more time and it's not the quick fix, magic bullet you may be hoping for. The reality is it wont be easy. So, you have 2 choices: to accept it, harden up or to sit and have a pity party while losing more time and opportunity while everything around you shifts without you.
What are you doing with all this free time, now you are working less?

See this time as an amazing opportunity to learn and grow.
Use this time to reflect on your business and really see what you can do differently or better.
Analyse your weakest links (click here for your free sample chapter covering weak links)
Use it to be with your family, friends and colleagues, while you can
Go to industry events and connect with colleagues & collaborate

Now more than ever we must know how to sell.  For me, selling is actually just helping. Ask yourself how can you help more people?  How can you give, give and give some more. Everyone is hurting: you, your clients and your colleagues. Take the time to share, care and be there for others, and they will respond in kind.  Be generous with your time and spirit, it costs you nothing to be there for others.

I believe this shift is a learning curve for our souls and I believe we will come through this different people, better people, stronger people.... we will find inner strength and courage we didn't know we had.

It's a process just like climbing a really long flight of stairs, and if you follow it up, you do rise to the top, but its a long hard steep climb, and there will be times you want to give up. If you keep climbing, you will make it to the top. How amazing will you feel looking back down from the top of the stairs!

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