Have you looked in the mirror lately....Have you changed ?

Have you looked in the mirror lately....Have you changed ?
We have all heard it before, in tough times to thrive and not just survive. We must change and evolve. But the question I put to you today is, have we? Ask yourself, are you actually doing anything radically different than what you were doing 12 -18 months ago? Are you personally different? What have you done to adapt, grow, change and evolve as a person?
Personally, I believe this is the key to success, not just in business but in life. In speaking with  a variety of people this week from the homeless teens I mentor, to ex partners to sales people and other speakers, I noticed a common theme in those that were not living their dreams. They were not changing. They were the same people they were 6 months ago, a year ago or even worse, some as much as 10 years ago. For me, change is something I have always loved. and the key has been having 'new experiences' as they give us so many important learnings about ourselves.

That's why I have never hesitated to move cities, houses or try a new restaurant, all the experiences I have had have helped me to grow as a person. From the big and the bold, traveling to over 40 countries, gorilla trekking, being there when my sister gave birth or volunteering at an orphanage in Africa.  To the small every day experiences like chatting with the person next to me on the bus, watching the sunset or trying yoga, they all assist you to change and grow. The earlier you can be open to learning through books, courses, people, travel and a variety of experiences, the sooner you will discover yourself, your strengths, your courage and what you are truly capable of.
So be open to new experiences, go create them for yourself by doing something new. What new skill, tool or way of being do you need to adapt and grow right now? It could be anything from learning to network, meditate or taking on new tasks or roles in your career or business and be open to learning what those around you have to teach you.
We can learn so much from the people around us but it's important to take the time to connect with everyone around you in your office and in your world. I have learned some of life's most important lessons from those around me. From the drug addict, to the multi millionaire, to the wisdom from the elderly. Everybody has something to teach you if you are open to the learnings.
It's in the big and the small experiences we have everyday, so don't wait till it's to late to start experiencing life as who wants to be exactly where they are and exactly who they are today in 10 years? ...not me. Through these new experiences you will transform.  If you want to thrive in business in the times ahead and thrive in life!  Don't wait till your old enough, rich enough, wise enough, good enough to do things you want in life, get out there, because experiences are everything.