What is it that most people are lacking in todays market ? Confidence...

What is it that most people are lacking in todays market ? Confidence...

I started coaching two new groups of sales people a couple of weeks ago and when I was reading through the session questionaires, I noticed one word that kept coming through, "confidence". I started investigating this word and what it means to have confidence.  After speaking with many people, they all seem to feel the same, that they would like to be more confident. 

So what is confidence and why might it be so important? Confidence is described as - freedom from doubt, belief in yourself and your abilities, freedom from anxiety or fear, a state of confident hopefulness that events will be favorable.

Sounds like it's pretty important. Imagine if you're walking around exuding a lack of confidence, how successful do you think you would be? No matter how hard you work and how many presentations you do, chances are, you wouldn't be able to close the deal.

Most people have heard of the 7%, 38% , 55% rule. According to Mehrabian, these three elements account differently for our liking of a person who puts forward a message (such as pitching or presenting): words account for 7%, tone of voice accounts for 38%, and body language accounts for 55% of the liking. The non-verbal elements are particularly important for communicating feelings and attitude, especially when they are in congruent: if words and body language disagree, one tends to believe the body language.  Now, in relation to confidence, what does this mean .... well if you are not confident inside, it will show in your body language and they will sense it. We all know when we see people who walk into a room confident and strong, full of conviction and passion, it shines through. Just as it does when you are hesitant, fearful, anxious or desperate. This is why I think confidence is the most important aspect in the current climate. Would you buy from you? Would you give you a job? Would you list your home with you? Whatever it is you are selling, you need confidence to do it.

If you feel you need to work on your confidence, there are some great free resources on google! 


As I shared this concept this week, people shared with me what they did to gain confidence, perhaps one of these might work for you. A friend used to work behind the scenes with a band and before going on they would get in state by doing push ups to pump themselves up. As a speaker and even when I was in real estate I have always used music to get in state.  Think 'the Rockie soundtrack' and turn it up loud! Another friend decided to take it to the extreme and when sitting down at the kitchen table to write her resume decided to 'dress for confidence' she spent hours doing her hair and makeup and sat down in her full suit complete with heels to type.  The result the best resume ever with an interview secured. So do what ever you need to do to feel more confident.