What's Your Kare Factor?

What's Your Kare Factor?

As I have started traveling and staying in hotels a lot more often of late, I started thinking I needed to make a list of my favorite places to stay. I decided to grade them from 1-10 based on how much they cared, newly named their 'KARE' factor. For me, the 'KARE' factor is based on how they make me feel. Do they go above and beyond my expectations? Do they over deliver? Is someone there to greet me on arrival and take my bags for me, will they provide a late check out, do they remember my name and are they friendly?

So what's your care factor? Are you a 10? How do you make people FEEL when they have an experience of you
- your product and service?

Most importantly
, the kind of things that make you stand out are free. At the end of the day, a 5 star hotel room is a 5 star hotel room. What makes them stand out is things like, remembering someone's name, following up promptly, doing what they say  they will and being friendly.


The type of things that make people say 'that made me feel special or important' and make you memorable are due to how you make someone feel.
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