Negotiate your fee's NOT discount them...

Negotiate your fee's NOT discount them...

Are you experiencing clients asking you to reduce or discount your fees? When coaching sales people across Australia, I am finding that the ones who are being asked to discount their fees are generally those newer to their industry or without a loyal following of raving fans or those who are not yet a master of their craft.

Once you get to a point in your business where you are dealing regularly with repeat clients or those referred to you, they rarely ask you to negotiate on fees. You are also in more of a position where you don't need to negotiate and can stand firm in the confidence that you are worth it, as you are great at what you do.

If you are starting out or have not gotten to the point where you are a master of your craft, then generally it is a common occurrence to be asked to reduce or discount your fees.

I get my hair blow dried twice a week for $25 at Just Cuts in Sydney, but on a recent trip to Canberra, I was in a shopping mall with 5 hair salons. I asked the price at the 1st store, it was $40, the 2nd $38 and so on...I said to the 3rd store that was empty, would you be willing to match the price of Just Cuts? You see, as I had not 'experienced' any of them, I didn't see the difference or value in paying any extra. They agreed and I had a fantastic 'experience' and would go back next time and pay the full fee as I got to see their value. The young lady did not begrudge having to give me a discount nor did she rush my service experience. She treated me just as she would any other customer and gave me a fabulous scalp massage.

So don't discount your fees but you may have to negotiate on them to get a new client to 'experience' you and see the difference you offer and then become a loyal client and raving fan in the future.

Make sure that you leverage the negotiation where possible, think about what you want to get out of it. If you agree to reduce your fee, what do you gain? In the beginning, it may be that you gain the experience of honing your craft, that you get the opportunity to showcase your talents, or they may have contacts they can recommend you to if you do a fabulous job.

If your store is empty, you may as well be blow drying someone's hair and giving them an 'experience' of you that will lead to more work and assist you in mastering your craft and gaining experience.