Furk - By Being Yourself

Furk - By Being Yourself
Last month I introduced you to the concept of 'furk' so this month let's touch on one of the key elements to successful furking. So for me furking is about blurring the lines a little bit between work and play, colleagues and friends... clients and friends, and its about not compartmentalising our life and separating work and fun. Work is 'effort' where as furk is about making things 'effortless'. Where work has become unfun. Furk is all about having as much fun as possible. Now we cant be having very much fun if we are not being ourselves.


Yet most of us go to work and put on some kind of suit. A metaphorical suit that is. Where we become responsible, proper and professional. Often leaving our goofy, silly, fun selves at home for our family and friends to get to know before and after work hours.


Yet authenticity is said to be the new buzzword of the 21st century and it's about people craving something real from someone genuine. Authenticity is what they want! When it comes to relationship building one of the quickest ways for you to connect is to be you, to be real, open, honest and raw. To share something real with someone from the heart not the head which will enhance your connection and make it memorable. So open up and share part of who you really are. We are in business for a long time so it is a lot easier to be ourselves and build relationships with people who like us and are attracted to us for who we are.


I encourage you all to take the suit off and bring more of you to your furk.