Get off the one off treadmill & into opening relationships for life

Get off the one off treadmill & into opening relationships for life

I really believe that relationships are everything 2-3-4 careers and business later the key to my success has been that my relationships have come with me over a 17 year period in sales.

I am a passionate advocate of relationships and the power behind understanding how valuable they can be when you get out of the ‘closing the sale’ mindset and off the “one off treadmill” and you truly understand the long-term power of ‘opening relationships’ for life.

We really need to start focusing on how we can build strong relationships that come from a genuine place of intent about connecting with people. Not just selling or closing a sale, but about opening a relationship. 

Networking isn’t something we do once a week it is something we create. A ‘network’ by definition is ‘an interconnected system’ it’s about more than just dollars...yes we need sales but we also need a community to draw on for advise, wisdom & emotional support, to teach us, to share experience with, to collaborate and leverage from. Creating a pseudo family around yourself. I call this my family tree. Unlike our real family that we don’t get to choose this one you get to create!

 Who is on your tree? Who are your roots? Your support networks, the people you go out on a limb for & vice versa. Are you watering your tree by giving and nourishing it by taking time to nurture your relationships. Is your tree more of a shrub or possibly dying rather than flourishing. What can you do to water and fertilise it this week?