Technology... Are We Loosing Our Personal Touch?

Technology... Are We Loosing Our Personal Touch?

I was chatting with a client the other day and she was retelling the story of how devastated one of her friends was when her son sent her a text message informing her that he was now engaged! It got me thinking about the positive and negatives of technology and in particular how the different generations perceive and use it in their every day life.


My mother is not very tech savvy, for example she recently asked my brother if he could send an email for her through the fax... Yet my 19 year old brother practically lives online through face-book, twitter and connects with his friends daily if not by the minute via texting.


What I believe is important for us is to know is what our clients needs are and at what level they are at when it comes to technology. Not to assume they are as old fashioned or as advanced as we are, whichever it may be.


If for example you have lot’s of younger Gen Y clients they would perceive that you are out of date if you don’t have a face-book and twitter account then they would have no problem with 80% of conversations taking place online via, emails and sms’s. However an older client could be offended at the lack of personal connection and may feel you just don’t care. That’s not to say that the older generations are not tech savvy. My father is in his sixties and has gotten himself a face-book account (though like most parents his kids won’t accept his friend requests) and I have a Gen Y friend who hates mobile phones and refuses to text. So don’t assume, make sure you take the time to connect with your clients in the beginning and find out their preferred methods of contact.


Personally I think it is best to mix it up a little. I would never allow technology and the virtual world to replace face to face human contact. It is an added way of me connecting and touching my clients in between seeing or speaking to them, not a replacement.