Your Not At The Finish Line Just Yet....

Your Not At The Finish Line Just Yet....

November is one of those months where we may start to buy into the mindset of being almost there...almost at the finishing line. This can be a very dangerous thing for our business momentum as we wish away November, party in December and recover for most of January. Practically losing 3 months of our year.


Don't buy into the office and industry talk of 'ohhh December is my quietest month, there is no point working etc..." often December's are my biggest months. Perhaps as there is less competition?


Quieter times of the year can also be the best time for you to have time to reflect on where your business is at and where it is heading. To make new plans, to catch up on all the things you haven't had time to do, to integrate and implement new systems and structures into your business. To have time to finally upload all those business card contacts into your database. (see the free coaching information below, this is a great way to help you reflect).


It is a fantastic time to contact clients for no other reason than just to say 'hi, how has your year been' and 'have a great Christmas'. As December is a very social month it is the best month of the year to *furk as it is when everyone else decides it's appropriate to have client lunches. So organise some drinks, lunches and catch up with your wonderful clients in the months ahead.